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Bring Out Your Dog's Full Potential & Live a Happier Life

Hi, my name is Caleb Frisbee and I’m the owner of K9 Perceptions. We believe that we don’t just train dogs we train companions. Training allows your dog to get more out of life. Dogs are more than just dogs, they are family, friends, and confidantes. My dogs Savanna, Lola, Jax, and Natty are my best friends. Every morning, they greet me with a hug and a tail wag, ready to start the new day. They make me smile, laugh, and offer unconditional love for nothing in return. Through training we are able to give my four legged buddies a better life as they can go and do more with you. Dog training allows them to get the mental stimulation they need and deserve and not just staying cooped up all day inside.

We keep this in mind with every dog and client our staff works with. We don't aim to turn your dog into a robot; We would rather build better communication channels between your dog and you using techniques based off of learning theory. In most situations where your dog is exhibiting bad behaviors, whether it is growling, acting out aggressively, bolting across the yard, or even anxiety issues, your dog is just reacting the only way it knows or just simply stressed. We like to take this negative energy and channel it into learning positive, productive, and better ways for your dog to live the happy, fun-loving life we all want for them. In making sure that your dog is excited and learning new things, we are teaching them to better communicate with us for a more enjoyable experience.
Our training approach is based off learning theory and the neurological development process using positive techniques to teach dogs things such as impulse control. There is a huge difference in training a dog to respond to commands and teaching impulse control. A lot of our training involves introducing dogs to distracting stimuli and conditioning them to relax and focus. That process teaches impulse control which is what can help hyper dogs be calm. The majority of the behavior problems we are called about stem from two things the lack of impulse control and lack of stress coping skills. Dogs without proper stress coping skills tend to be either anxious or aggressive when introduced to stressful stimuli. We use controlled exposure and counter conditioning to desensitize a dog’s emotional reaction and obedience to teach them what is expected of them. We’ve always worked hand in hand with veterinarians to employ the most scientific and positive approach possible with training.  We are dedicated to providing you and your dog the best experience possible.

When your dog comes to stay with us for training they will not only be cared for by our professional trainers but a complete staff ranging from dog walkers, kennel staff, vet assistants, and even have access to veterinarians. We currently have four dog training centers located in West Palm Beach FL, Tampa FL, Jacksonville FL, and West Bloomfield, Michgan. We partner with Veterinarians and pet resorts to give our clients the best all-around service from not just the training stand-point but physical care as well. All of our trainers talk and share ideas about every dog that comes in. This helps leverage all the experience possible to best train your dog. Our techniques are based off scientific methods so we are able to handle even the toughest behaviors. During your dog’s stay we keep the owner updated and in the loop with pictures, videos, and train reports via text, email, phone, and Facebook.  You can also feel free to visit your pup at any time.  We strive to provide the best possible service and experience for both our clients and their dogs. Call us today at 904-237-2044.