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I am a dog lover first and foremost. I believe that dogs are not just animals; they are family, bestowing unconditional love and companionship and asking for very little in return.

Eight years ago, I started training my own dogs as companions and competing in obedience and hunt test competitions. My dogs were doing so well in competitions, other dog owners started to ask if I could train their dogs as well. As I started to train more dogs, I started to develop my positive reinforcement dog training techniques as well as different approaches for different breeds.

Along with dog training, I was working as a vet technician at a local veterinarian office. It was here that I discovered another way of pursuing my passion: pound puppies. It is unfortunate to see that when owners can no longer care for or control their dogs’ bad behavior, they resort to relinquishing them. The cycle continues when these dogs can’t be placed into a new home because of their behaviors. We know what happens next: after a dog has been left in the kennels for too long, passed up by family after family, vets and pounds have no choice than to euthanize them in order to make room for other unruly dogs.

We work to help bring out the companion in your dog as well as work with service and therapy dogs in training them to provide company to members of the nursing home and rehabilitation community. I offer group classes, private lessons in behavior modification as well as AKC Canine Good Citizen training so you dog isn’t just a good friend, but also a good citizen in the community.

Local vets started to approach me to see if we could find a better, happier end to this story. I started working with these troubled dogs, using positive reinforcement      techniques, such as treats and encouragement, to break them of destructive habits, anxiety, and storm phobias. In reforming these dogs, we have been able to place them in homes where they could be members of the family once again.