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Kristina Brown —5 star
Thank you for your hard work and dedication with Deebo. What a transformation!! Even our 10 year old can manage him now and he actually listens to her. Family can come over and he no longer jumps on them. It's so amazing!!

Tabitha Lewis Smith —5 star
I wanted to wait until our dogs settled in before giving my review. They have been home since Tuesday, and they are doing so much better. Before we took Loki and Odin to k9 perceptions, they were showing aggressive behaviors towards other animals, especially dogs, they were awful on leashes, and when someone came over they were jumping all over them. They boarded and trained for three weeks. While at boarding Loki took to other dogs very well, he loves playing in a pack of dogs, and Odin is now tolerant of dogs-he does great one-on-one but doesn't care for a group of dogs. A huge improvement for both. They have some more work to do on leashes, but are so much better than they were, and when I come in the door they are calmly waiting in their "place" until I call them out, and they don't jump when they get to me. I am so glad we took them to k9 perceptions, best decision we could have made. Thank you so much for taking the time to work with our dogs!

Tracy Baldwin Riley —5 star
Our rescued Dog Dallas needed some confidence building and know when to be aggressive (protective) and when we are safe. Stephanie formed a bond a trust with Dallas which is critical in our opinion. She knows her techniques down pat. She is compassionate, but not a pushover. They respect her as the Alpha. In 3 short weeks our baby comes home tomorrow and he is like a different dog. He will have a much higher quality of life and we will be reassured that he is happy and available to travel with us. Thanks to Stephanie and Caleb for their patience and kindness. The pictures and video really helped. I highly recommend them. Amazing results.

Denise Rogers Brandjes —5 star
Not only my dog Pearl but I have enjoyed working with Caleb, and Stephanie they are professional, caring and knowledgeable. Pearl cries to get out of the car to get there. Thanks for the difference you have made with Pearls behavior and manners.

John Sacco —5 star
Our two papillons are doing so amazing after their training!!!!!! We had then at "sit" at "place" went outside for a couple minutes and came back and they stayed until released from their command, amazing!!!!! The team their is great!!! Very professional, very caring and truly love the dogs in their care. You folks did a wonderful job with our "babies" we could not be happier!!

Guy Gautreaux —5 star
I highly recommend the training. Caleb & Brian did an excellent job with Brody. After three weeks he came back a different dog, way calmer & obedient.

Rhiannon Daymon Harloff —5 star
Riley spent 3 weeks with Caleb to work on some dog/leash aggression issues in January. I am thrilled with the outcome! Riley is much more relaxed on leash which makes me feel comfortable for us be out & about with him around other dogs and that's exactly what I was hoping for. Riley is also more focused with commands which helps with making outings on leash a success. I have recommended K9 Perceptions to several people.

Mary Dronkers —5 star
Thank You Caleb and to Poochies. They took great care of our two girls. I will post a picture on the other side. Caleb took Reba and Shiloh, Two hard headed stubborn girls who were at each other’s throats and my finger (Pat) for some unknown reason and in 3 weeks these are two different mellow dogs that actually like each other. We are very grateful and so thankful to Caleb, our very own Local Dog Whisperer. They walk calm, they listen to commands first time and they are still very loveable.

Heather Toblin Kastelz —5 star
I am very happy! In just a week, they were able to make big changes in my pup’s behavior. They also spent considerable time showing me and talking to me about how to continue training at home. My children are finally able to hang out in the same room as the dogs!!! Thank you and we will be back for refresher courses and further training.

Ally Wages —5 star
Murray spent 2 weeks with Caleb and came home a much calmer, and well-adjusted bulldog. It was hard parting with him for that amount of time, but I was committed to doing what was necessary to give him the structure he needed. I would highly recommend K-9 Perceptions to anyone needing help with the training of their dog/s. It's a busy world that we live in, and Caleb helped take a load off of my plate. Murray thanks him, and so do I.